How To Pack

Packing for a trip is always a hit or miss event because once you arrive to your destination, you usually realize that most often you didn’t pack the right things.

Guru has provided a seasonal How to Pack check-list for your convenience that’s a good rule of thumb to follow. Most visitors are surprised by the drastic changes in weather that Orlando can receive in one day or in one season.

Be prepared by checking the weather up to the last minute before heading out for the day. And don’t worry if you forgot your bathing-suit…you can shop for one year-round in most Orlando stores.

  • Sun block
    • The Florida sun is very strong and will give you a sunburn quickly, especially if you have fair skin. And remember, just because the sky is cloudy doesn’t mean you won’t get any sun…rather, you will burn even more than on a sunny day because you won’t notice it as quickly.
  • Hats
    • Wear a hat for protection in case the sun is out in full force…it’s not unusual to have cloudless days.
  • Bug repellent
    • Mosquito’s are almost always around, so be prepared with a purse sized bug repellent.
  • Rain
    • It rains almost everyday in the summer (May – September) so bring an umbrella or rain poncho. Additionally, the park rides, pools and beaches will close at the first sound of thunder or sign of lightening because the lightening is more deadly in Central Florida than almost anywhere else in the world. Head for indoor shopping, a bite to eat, a movie at the theater, games in the room or a nap until the storm passes. Or if you choose to weather the storm and stay outdoors at the parks, have a poncho ready in your backpack. The parks sell ponchos all over the parks when it starts raining, but you can save some cash by purchasing one ahead of time from Wal-Mart, Walgreens or CVS Pharmacy.
  • Winter clothes
    • It does get cold in January and February, so bring warm clothes for layering. And in-door air-conditioning can be very chilly to sun-kissed skin year round, so bring a light sweater.
  • Summer clothes
    • From May to September it’s hot! Nearly 100 degrees and 100% humidity can become intolerable and cause heat exhaustion quickly. Stay hydrated with water and wear light and airy clothing. If you burn easily, purchase a beach cover-up that’s long in length and with long sleeves in a super thin, light material to prevent sun burns or from getting further sun burns, or simply stay under the shade of the beach umbrella. It’s a good idea to wear a bathing suit under your clothes, especially for children, as there are many opportunities at the theme parks (including CityWalk and Downtown Disney) to get wet.
  • Pools
    • All pools are outdoor and most are heated. All pool areas require a full coverage bikini top piece and bottom (no thong bikini bottoms and bikini tops are required) because Orlando is considered a family destination. Please be aware that if there is any sound of thunder, even in the distance, the pools will close as well as any outdoor rides due to the chance of lightening.
  • Heat Exhaustion
    • It's very serious in the summer months. I can’t tell you how many people I have seen pass out from the heat while standing in line waiting for a ride at the theme parks. While most ride wait lines now have high powered fans and even water-misting fans in place to help, it’s important to drink a lot of water and stay hydrated to prevent feeling nauseous, dizzy, tired and fatigued. Staying fueled can help to keep you from being wiped out too early in your trip.

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