LEGOLAND ® Florida
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There are 12 eateries and restaurants, subdivided into 11 different areas.
  • The Beginning
    • Market Restaurant –Find from coffee drinks and pastries to rotisserie chicken. This restaurant offers other options for the whole family, such as Assian, Fresh Salads, Milkshakes and other Sweet Treats.
  • Fun Town
    • Granny's Apple Fries -Guru's favorite treat around the park is Granny's Apple Fries! These are apple fries dusted in cinnamon, sugar and served with whipped cream.
    • Fun Town Slushies -Kids love slushies so why not start the park's visit by getting one! Discounted refills available.
    • Fun Town Pizza & Pasta Buffet -All you can eat buffet offering pizza, pasta and salads. Drinks and dessert are included with the price!
  • LEGO® Kingdoms
    • Castle Burger -Burgers, crispy french fries and grilled chicken salads are the main part of the menu at this location.
  • Land of Adventure
    • Adventure Snacks -In the mood for a snack? Enjoy some hot dogs, nachos and more at this location.
    • Dino Ice Cream -Cool down with some ice cream treats.
  • LEGO® City
    • LEGO City Burger Kitchen -Burgers, fries and sandwiches can be found at this location. While you're here press the red button to become one of the hourly winners.
    • Firehouse Ice Cream -This is one of the ice cream shops in the park. Come enjoy some frozen treats to cool down during the summer days.
    • Fried Chicken Co. -Enjoy some fresh fried chicken battered with their own recipe to perfection.
    • City Slush -Refreshing slushies await for you at this location.
  • Imagination Zone
    • I-Zone Panini -Come enjoy some freshly pressed sandwiches along with salads all made from thee freshest ingredients!
  • LEGO® Technic™
    • Lakeside Sandwich Co. -This is the freshest eatery of the park. Find healthy choices produced daily at the park. Kids love to purchase food combos since they come with their own lego lunchbox.
    • Robot Pit Stop -Come enjoy some hot dogs, nachos and ice creams at this location.
  • Heartlake City
    • Heartlake Ice Cream Parlor -
For more information about dining places go here
  • Beach n Brick Grill –This is the only food outlet in LEGOLAND Waterpark (seating is outdoors), with typical theme park options like burgers, chicken, salads and hot dogs. Most items are $10 or less.